ArtSoMoFo 2006 and Beyond

Art Something, Mo Fo - Every Day in the Month of Oct. Post it here by Midnight!

ArtSoMoFo 2006 and Beyond!!!!
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This is a contest/participant thing to art something daily during the month of November (like NanoWriMo). There are no rules, no sign up uness you want to join this community (non members can post) and no right or wrongs. Well, there may be some rules but you don't have to obey them.

ARTSOMOFO, the unofficial warmup, has already begun. You can line up projects to do during November, according to the rules which I am making up as I type, right now.

Artsomofo is a play on NaNOWriMo which is National Novel Writing Month. They have a website - google for it if you want. Anyway, some girls on my old journal were joking about doing WriSoMoFo which stands for Write Something M____r F____r. The latter being one of my favorite obscenities, especially in traffic, I coined the term, ArtSoMoFo for Art Something M____r F____r. It's like an Art-a-Day challenge.

To parallel what they do in NanoWriMo, you can line up projects, gather supplies and materials and start planning what you will do, but no actual doing until November 1, 2005 at 12:01 a.m. (that's a minute after midnight on Halloween Night) The first project should be posted by 11:59 p.m. on November 1. If you don't have a digital camera or scanner, don't worry about it, you can tell about what you did.

Edit: I was thinking that I would make something every day, a aketch, a collage or something and post a photo of it here before Midnight each night. To be posted at whatever stage it is in whether finished or not (and allowing for gel medium to dry, heh). Then, like "Nano" at the end of the month there would be lots of ideas and sketches and started projects to work with as time permits. Will edit this post more again later.....