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October Painting 03 - Scary Tales Again

Hi, I'm back after one and a half days running extremely busy. Tomorrow will be peaceful :-)

Here's the next painting of Scary Tales.

Scary Tales 7, Acrylic on Canvas, October 3, 2006

How did this start?
Well, I'm still not good at making explicit artist statements but I will try my best to post an organized and well written statement when I upload the full series to my website. For the moment, as I said in one of my previous posts this is how this series evolved:
To be honest, I don't know why exactly I started the series, but I can figure out how it started :-)
As I said in one of my previous comments "it[Scary Tales] started with the experiece we are having because of constant power failures in my area. At times these power cuts last for more than 19-20 hours. When there's nothing we can do without power, I take my camera and do all sorts of stubborn experiments. Few weeks ago, I took(I still do that) some photographs in the dark and in candle light. During powercuts, I was sitting in the dark thinking of various things. I did some drawings and collages of candles in the dark. Then it evolved into fearsome things/scary tales that I used to imagine at night in my childhood, and also various mythical stuff and then into fears about life, and other things in "real- life". So I try my best to find a "visualized version" of the feeling. I think about telling my personal "scary tales". So lot's of thinking and feeling inter-woven." The whole idea changed/evolved and developed along various paths during the art making process.
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