October 4th, 2006

Day Four:

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The left page is sketches with notes about why I decided to draw each of these random images.  This entire page was done using red and blue papermate pens.  The right side is a collage using old book pages, bits of maps, chai wrappers, Asian images, scrapbook paper, blue papermate pen, pink gel pen, green gel pen.  The phrases say:

Take pride in how far you've come.
Have faith in how far you can go.

There will be more later, I'm sure.  I wanted to turn the page and keep going, but I can't neglect work.  I'm sure I'll be back on here later on with more.

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I did this on my work computer where I downloaded the shareware version of "dogwaffle." Try it, it is a good program!! After drawing this, I put it through the watercolor filter in Microsoft Photo Viewer. Came out cool!!!

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Day 3 - Tueday Plein Air

A friend of mine who I regularly go plein airing with on thursdays is part of a larger group of plein air artists that went out Tuesday afternoon, to a location within close proximity to my house (Usually they go outside the city, and since I don't have a car, and my friend usually can't make it, we don't get to go). We went to Gibbons Park, which is an amazing huge area of green parkland around the Thames River which runs through London Ontario (Yeah, just like the real london we have a thames too LOL)

This past summer I've been doing most of my plein airs in acrylic, but yesterday I decided to bring out the oils. It is getting very cool here, and my acrylics take way too long to dry, so I will probably be doing oils for the rest of the fall and winter.

So, being a while from the last time I plein aired in oils, I'm feeling a little rusty (though only having done plein air in oils a handful of times, I can't really say I've ever felt non-rusty LOL.. it is so different than studio work), but this is coming along ok - I can see it starting to come together. I will be going back on Thursday, for our regular paint-out session, and I will finish this painting then.

After that, I came home and I continued working on dissecting an encyclopedia. I'm using the pages I've gutted for bases of my 20thingszine contribution. I have them all sorted and counted now, so I can start putting them together.
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tree study in oil (grow where you're planted)

tree study in oil (grow where you're planted)
oil on plywood
8 x 8"

"If one aims to avoid the banal, there is no other way but to study more assiduously both books and scrolls and so to encourage the spirit (ch'i) to rise, for when the vulgar and the commonplace dominate, the ch'i subsides. The beginner should be hopeful and careful to encourage the ch'i to rise."

-- from a 1679 Chinese manual for landscape painters, the Chieh Tzu Yuan Hua Chuan

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